A letter from the Market Manager

Dear neighbors,

It is a strange time to be thinking about and planning large community events like the farmers market this summer. June feels so far away, and so out of reach. We know many local businesses shuttering their doors temporarily, trying to weather this storm, it feels insensitive to enthusiastically announce our plans for this summer.

That being said, while there is a lot we cannot control, we can share ways to support the small businesses and vendors we have worked with if you have the means during this season. Below is a list of a few deals and opportunities which have been shared with us:

  1. Mountain Man Micro Farms will deliver a tray of microgreens right to your door to ensure you are getting your nutrients during quarantines and isolation. Microgreens are packed with nutrients, easy to throw on anything, and a good balance with all that pasta you’re eating!
  2. Sheena Marshall Jewelry and Consonance Botanicals are offering free shipping when you order online. Both make great gifts for friends, or oneself, especially when stuck indoors.
  3. Three Seeds Bakery is offering to create a free printable graphic of your favorite recipe or poem, if you donate or purchase from a small business struggling during this time. Submit an image of your receipt/donation to her on Instagram (tag is @lanibakes).
  4. Squeaky Little Wheel is offering free shipping of donut mixes, and a buy two, get one free deal on their website. No discount code needed!
  5. Buckley House of Flowers has bouquets available at Leever’s Locavore.
  6. Rowdy Poppy is selling seeds on their site. This is a great time to get your flower beds started!

We care deeply about our vendors, and want to support them however we can during this time. We have so many friends in the small business community who are making tough decisions and we, as small business owners as well, are feeling the squeeze.

Thank you for spreading the love!